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Remembrance day is over but the war goes on

By UK Lockdown

14th November 2008

A few days ago we once again reached that time where the annual armistice commemoration takes place in respect of the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces during the two world wars, it is officially held every year on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month to fall in line with the announcement of the armistice agreement that was responsible for ending the first world war in 1918, veterans events are held across the globe under many different names, in Britain and the Commonwealth it is generally known as Remembrance Day, in the United States it is known as Veterans Day and in some places it's more commonly known as poppy day due to the Canadian style poppies that are worn to commemorate those who served during the war.

It is important to remember all who made sacrifices during the wars and to never forget the devastating impact of wars and the effects they have had on many societies across the globe especially our own, it is also equally important to remember the background to the wars and to understand exactly how those wars came about in the first place, by now it's generally accepted that the second world war happened as a direct result of the first world war involving mainly the same nations on either side, understanding this and many other factors about the second world war is extremely valuable information in preventing another world war developing in a similar fashion, in fact if more was understood about the first world war in the lead up to the second world war it's very possible that world war II could have been been avoided altogether.

The historical account provided to explain the world wars are detailed in as far as the battles, technical operations and missions that took place during the wars, however it is unfortunate that this isn't matched by the explanation of how the wars were started in the first place, for example the explanation we are given on how WWI started is that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, by Gavrilo Princip a Serbian nationalist on 28 June 1914, triggered a chain of events that led to the major world powers declaring world war against each other, but it doesn't explain the large scale preparation for the war by all of the major world powers prior to the assassination and it also doesn't explain why specific nations attacked other nations when neither of which had anything to do with the assassination nor any interest in it.

Many aspects of history surrounding the first world war make little sense until the questions of international banking and Zionism are thrown into the equation, remembrance day is dedicated to remembering the sacrifices and the war itself but very little if any attention is given to the real root cause of the wars and even less attention is shown to the interest groups who directly benefited out of the sacrifices of the many brave soldiers and civilians who lost their lives as a result of the war. Prior to the outbreak of war across Europe in 1913 references were made to 'world wide wars' in several texts such as the protocols of Zion and also the writings of top level Freemason Albert Pike where information was put forward that showed clear examples of prior knowledge of what was to be expected in the years ahead. Another example of information that isn't often covered in relation to the start of WWI is the fact that the Zionist owned US central bank the 'Fed' or 'Federal Reserve' was set up in 1913 by wall street Zionist Jews and European Zionist Jews, and as a neutral country before entering the war the US banks were allowed offer massive loans to both sides of the war, It must also be noted that Switzerland a known financial center in Europe was the only country in Europe to remain neutral during both world wars; those are only a few of the examples that we are never encouraged to remember and that curiously have never made it onto the school curriculum.

Showing respect to the dead and keeping their memory alive is a very important tradition that is extremely important especially in relation to informing the young on past events, however if the full history around the wars was taught truthfully Remembrance Day would become almost obsolete because everyday would be a day for remembering the events of the past and that information properly taught would help us to learn from old mistakes and to improve our society and the world, but instead the system we have would prefer to train most people especially young people to be mindless and only to think about what the Zionist media engineered popular non-culture would prefer them to think about, it seems as if the main plan is to use remembrance day as a smoke screen to divert attention away from the real knowledge on the wars and to use Remembrance Day to serve as propaganda which encourages us to celebrate killing each other while those who profit from war can get more financial control of the planet through the war debts owed to their central and international banks and also get more centralized power through political institutions such as the League of Nations / United Nations.

The men in the trenches during the war were brave and had a level of courage that is lacking in the people of today, they had to have physical and mental courage to endure the horrors of the war they were fighting, those specific wars may be over but for those who have the courage to investigate the true history of the wars it should be obvious that we are still at war, the first world war on it's own produced 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires in the United States and many more in Europe, for those who are unclear on the history, the International Bankers who are primarily Jewish had prior knowledge of the wars because it was they who preplanned and then started those wars to make money out of the war industry and also out of the national debt incurred by the warring nations, neither side of the war were winners the only winners were the bankers that are now in almost total control of the global economy and global political institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank etc. they have subverted our nations via the political system, financial system, media and government infiltration and this is the real reason behind why our democracies no longer seem to work properly, it is time we realised that the real war is not between different European powers, America or even fighting terrorism the real war is between the Zionist Jew bankers and the populations of the free world, only by realising this can we avoid the fate of having our individual nations transformed into a series of Communist dictatorships through excessive war debt and United Nations regulatory control.

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