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Is Russell Brand really Britain's best live standup act ?

By UK Lockdown

8th December 2008

The previous article here at UK Lockdown on the topic of the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross prank phone call scandal exposed the fact that the issue was simply being used as a smokescreen, a smokescreen designed to cover up the latest attempt by the commercially controlled Zionist media to attack the BBC in order to dislodge senior BBC executives allowing those executives to be replaced by more Zionist stooges, making the BBC even worse than it is at the moment and ultimately giving the Zionist organised crime network even more control over the British media than they already have.

It's important to reiterate that the control the crime network has over most of the people who work for it is through a combination of blackmail and bribery, any non-Jew has no other reason to be loyal to them or their agenda and without the fear of exposure many of those people may even turn against the crime network and begin to expose it, for this reason usually at university although it can also happen at a later stage, people who are considered to be very talented, gifted etc. are encouraged to join fraternities or to get involved in criminal or immoral activities which allow them access to easy money or faster career advancement however this also implicates them and can later be used to ruin their reputation if the Zionists feel it is necessary to protect their crime network, Russell Brand has an admitted history of being involved with bizarre practices and the use of drugs and it should be obvious that there are details about his past that he would not want the public to know about, it's almost certain that the crime network are fully aware of most of his past activities and in effect he has become a criminal asset of the Jewish Zionist crime network.

Like most of the media operatives in the crime network Brand has been planted to serve multiple agendas simultaneously, his primary aim is to do what all of the agents are meant to do which is to promote degradation, misdirection and encourage ignorance in the general population, that has always been the main aim of the crime network that control the mainstream media, however his other function while on BBC Radio 2 was to sabotage the BBC in order to justify the removal of senior executives.

All agents who serve the purpose of the crime network are rewarded for their efforts in many ways, some are paid large sums of money, others are given new opportunities and find that new doors will open for them, some others who have proven themselves to be highly useful to the crime network are given full public recognition in the form of being presented with awards at award ceremonies, award ceremonies similar to the mainstream media, financial system and most other areas of our society are also under the control of the the Jewish Zionist crime
network, Russell Brand being awarded comedian of the year is not because of his contribution to British comedy, it is because he has served the agenda of the crime network in promoting degradation, misdirection and ignorance and has clearly surpassed many of his colleagues in this area, plus his success in assisting the Zionist attack on the many of the top BBC executives is also a factor, a more accurate description of the award given to Russell Brand should be blackmailed stooge of the year or top Zionist operative of the year.

The problem of Zionist related organised crime in our country is worsening every day, and it will continue to worsen so long as the population continue to be misdirected by the propaganda in the mainstream media, we are now reaching a point where denial will not be an option, it's time that we wake up to the reality that is around us and start to reject the bad entertainers, bad political leaders, bad officials, bad corporate leaders, and reject all of the other criminals guilty of assisting the global Jewish Zionist crime network in their aim of transforming our country into a big brother communist police state.

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