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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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Key News Stories

Man Arrested for sending out 7/7 DVD's

Gordon Brown Admits UK is in an Economic Depression

Face Scanners in Schools

All Emails to be recorded says EC Directive

Big Brother State goes after 4 Year olds

Western Apocalyspe, New World Order

MI5 say we are all potential terrorists

Poisoned Tap Water

Vermin Infested NHS Hospitals

Boycott Israel

Recent News

Rise in Attacks on British Jews

Jew owned Google up to their usual tricks

UK says no to Euro

Jews turn British Goyim into gambling addicts

Another Day, Another Retail Chain Collapses, Zavvi Eats Dirt

BBC fined for fraud again

Woolworths' Last Christmas, 30,000 Unemployed

Goldman Sachs swindle us again

Zionist Watch

Jews campaign for more asylum seekers

Why Do People Hate Israel ?

Ben Bradshaw MP 'Israel has history of bullying BBC'

Just Another Jewish Banking Scam

Trainee Rabbi accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy

Rampant Rabbi Breeds again

Jew Scum Winehouse degrading the Caribbean

Psycho Jews Murder more innocent children

Crypto-Jew childrens TV actor jailed over child porn

Crypto-Jew Jack Straw to Jail Preachers for reading Bible

Britain's Top EU Cheerleader, Crypto-Jew Peter Mandelson

Britain's Top commercial campaigners for ID cards, Jewish Saatchi and Saatchi agency

British Jew Pervert has 7 wives and 8 children

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Health Info

Fluoride is detrimental to both physical and mental health and is known to be the root cause of many medical conditions and ailments, Non Fluoride toothpaste is available at most health stores and online and some brands can even be found in various supermarkets.

NHS Hospital Patient is starved to death

Gender Bending Chemicals in Plastic Bottles

Mobile Phones Causing Cancer

Overcrowded Hospitals Spreading Diseases

UV Radiation From Energy Saving Bulbs

Defend Your Home

Learn Archery

Buying and selling Crossbows and Airguns is not illegal in the UK, after the global economy collapses in 2009/2010 the crime rate will explode, your home will not be safe unless you are prepared to defend it, you have been warned.


Official Documents

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POLICE CORRUPTION IN ENGLAND AND WALES: An assessment of current evidence 2003

UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT Titled - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

Titled - Understanding and preventing police corruption: lessons from the literature 1999

Zionist BNP ?

Gentile Unity

The primary function of UK Lockdown is to work towards establishing some form of unity among the gentile peoples of the planet to reduce the infighting so that we can coordinate our efforts in order to stop the global Jewish crime network, infighting among the gentile population has been a vital tool of the Zionist mafia as it keeps us distracted while they gradually transform the planet into a giant communist state to enslave us all, gentile unity doesn't necessarily mean that all people of different nations, races, religions, etc. will get on perfectly with each other, but it does mean we at least need to be able to work with each other in order deal with our common enemy, the criminal Jew, most people naturally have a preference for people who are similar to themselves which is perfectly normal however communist Jews encourage us to believe this is somehow racist as a trick to weaken the cohesion of nations, Jews meanwhile do the opposite keeping their nation and their crime network strong, part of the trick by the criminal Jew was to infiltrate nationalist groups and turn them into hate groups which serves two main functions.

1) To demonise the idea of nationalism by associating nationalism with hate.

2) To trick gentile populations into fighting each other and ignoring the criminal Jews.

Anti-Muslim Trick

The BNP have many good policies that if implemented today would almost certainly benefit our country and reverse the destructive path it is on, their proposals to stop all immigration, remove Britain from the EU, abolition of political correctness etc., are exactly what is needed to fix our country, however in failing to identify the central source of where those problems are coming from they are only providing a superficial solution, alongside this is their insistence that so-called Islamification is the main problem that Britain faces, in doing this they are providing cover for the fact that the main problem in Britain is Zionism and Jewish criminality and in effect the BNP are assisting the crime network. Their frequent attacks on British Muslims sound identical to the Jew-neocon propaganda in America and the type of propaganda that comes out of writers such as Melanie Phillips another criminal Jew, who authored Londonistan a book designed to promote fear and hatred of Muslims.

Islamification Issue

The BNP's repeated promotion of the idea that Britain will become an Islamic state if
'the Islamic dragon isn't slain' is laughable, when was the last time anybody met a white convert to Islam or even a black or Hindu convert to Islam, the attack on Muslims in Britain appears to be little more than a back door approach to attacking the Pakistani community and other Muslims that live across the country, this is a trick to divert our attention from the real enemy in our midst who have been manipulating the British economy, media, and British society in general for hundreds of years, the idea that Muslims pose even the slightest threat to British national security is totally unfounded, the only threat to national security in the UK is coming from the Criminal Jews that have subverted our government, and hijacked our media, financial system, and many other areas of our society, it is they who are responsible for staging the 7-7 terror attack as part of a mock terrorism exercise and then using pre-planted explosives to kill 52 innocent people and injuring over 700 during the attack, this was a false flag operation carried out by MI6, have a look at 7-7 ripple effect film for more info and ask why neither the government, the BNP or the Zionist media doesn't want an inquiry into the issue.

Support for Israel

As if it wasn't bad enough that many people are being tricked into believing that the BNP are nationalists, they openly state their support for Israel on their website claiming that they will stand together with Israel to fight against Islamic imperialism and they support the right of Israel to defend itself from Islamic attacks, to those who understand that Israel is simply a base of operations for the global Jewish mafia to coordinate their efforts and to control their global world domination plot through their network of Mossad spies and agents including in our very country then it makes no sense that the BNP support the state of Israel, at the very least they should be neutral on the issue as it is a foreign issue and they claim to be nationalists supporting the interests of this nation, so the question is why do the BNP identify the best interest of this nation in supporting the criminal state of Israel, the position here at UK Lockdown on the state of Israel is clear, Israel should not exist it is a criminal state of criminals, by criminals and for criminals, it is listed on this blog as an enemy organisation and it is part of the global Jewish crime network that needs to be eliminated.

Pat Richardson

Maybe the answer to the question of the BNP's support of Israel is given by the 2006 election of the BNP's fist Jewish counsellor in the Epping Forrest, Patricia Feldman Richardson, she is a Jew of Transylvanian/Romanian and Lithuanian origin and claims to be concerned about the Islamification of Britain, so not only are the neo-con criminal Jews and the BNP saying the same thing it now appears as if there is some form of alliance between the two factions, it must also be noted that the BNP have admittedly announced that they now enjoy widespread support form the Jewish community and have many Jewish members.

Media Coverage

Coverage given to the BNP by the mainstream media is negative and is usually highly
critical however they are still given coverage which is more than many other groups are allowed, many groups would be delighted to receive the level of coverage given to the BNP, even negative publicity is still good if it attracts attention as it can still generate large support, the mainstream media is almost entirely in the hands of the Zionist criminals and they only ever broadcast things that serve their long term agenda, it's already been pointed out that the similarities between the BNP and aspects of the Jewish crime network are numerous, so it's no surprise to see that the BNP are being given indirect promotion by the media, people such as Vanessa Feltz and other Jews that dominate the British media enjoy telling us how much they dislike the BNP, but it is fairly easy to see that this is little more than a trick to promote the party by repeatedly mentioning their name during broadcasts while denouncing them, many other groups exist that never get a single mention either positive or negative; a similar phenomenon exists online where a number of blog promoting websites all openly host dozens of BNP related blog but many of those same sites have barred this very blog which has repeatedly been refused any listing with no explanation given, apparently the British blog promoting websites support endless numbers of badly designed blogs dedicated to promoting hostility towards Muslims, but this blog gets denied access for clearly highlighting that our country's main problem is Jewish organised crime.


It is important to highlight that we are not taking issue with the supporters of the BNP who are simply citizens that are looking for an answer as to why the country is in the state that it is, the issue is with the party itself and its leadership, its impossible that they are unaware of the role of the criminal Jews in founding or dominating movements such as Communism, Feminism, Atheism, Marxism, Anarchism, Political Correctness, Hate Laws, and there is even evidence that criminal Jews have infiltrated far right groups such as the KKK, US patriot movement, militia movement and many Neo-Nazi groups, this combined with the BNP's clear attempt to divert attention away from the criminal Jew while supporting the state of Israel and parading their Jewish members as a badge of honour shows that they are just another group of Zionist stooges aiming to divide the gentile population and act as fly paper to trap their members in a goypen, so they can be more closely monitored and listed by the state, put simply the BNP are serving the Jewish agenda for world domination.

UK Lockdown

As always the position of UK lockdown is to identify the reality of the problem, it is the criminal Jews who benefit out of Christians and Muslims killing each other, it is the criminal Jews who benefit in having black, white and Asians at each others throats, in each case the criminal Jews global domination plot is assisted, the Jews can use minorities to justify ridiculous hate laws and political correctness which only serves the interests of the Jewish criminals as they use the hate laws to silence their critics and they use political correctness to brainwash people with terms such as 'multiculturalism', 'climate change', 'melting pot', allowing the criminals to categorize any who disagree with their communist ideology as backwards, narrow minded or old fashioned.
The reason why the BNP spend so much time promoting hatred of Muslims and no time addressing the Jewish crime problem is because the BNP are agents who are helping the Jewish mafia to destroy this country, if they were a respectable group they wouldn't be promoting hatred of any other gentile nation or religion they would be promoting British Christian culture positively and would be addressing the issue of Jewish criminality in the UK and across the planet.

Below are some important facts to consider:

The top British pro-EU campaigner is Peter Mandelson a crypto-Jew.

The ID cards scam is being promoted by Jews Saatchi & Saatchi.

Fractional reserve banking in Britain and across Europe was pioneered by Rothschild Jews
(the fractional reserve system was responsible for the 1929 depression and is also responsible for the upcoming depression or the so-called 'credit crunch')

Political correctness was invented in the Soviet Union which was run by Jews.

Hate laws were started in the Soviet Union which was run by Jews.

Hate laws that could imprison Vicars for quoting the Bible in the UK were introduced by Jack Straw a crypto-Jew.

Climate change based carbon rationing was pioneered by Mayer Hillman a Jew.

Current Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is Ed Miliband a Jew.

Current pro-war Foreign Secretary is David Miliband a Jew.

Previous pro-war Foreign Secretary was Jack Straw a crypto-Jew.

The Press, TV Networks, Radio stations and all other Media in Britain in dominated by Jews.

The London Stock exchange and British financial sector is dominated by Jews.

Our country isn't being Islamified it's being Judified, stop being tricked by BNP agents and help us to fight Jewish Zionist organised crime.

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