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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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Israel Gaza Conflict (the UK Lockdown view)

UK Lockdown 9th January 2009

Another new year passes as the middle east conflict continues, millions of people around the world are forced to watch in horror as Israel continues it's brutal world domination policy, extermination / genocide of the Palestinian people is necessary if the 'chosen people' are to fully succeed in their one world government plot, it may not be immediately apparent that this conflict serves the Jewish agenda for world domination but hopefully after having read this article the connection should have been made a little clearer.

Who started this conflict ?

Below are some facts to consider

1) a. The November 2008 Israeli blockade broke the terms of the cease fire agreement by restricting essential items from entering Gaza.

b. The November 2008 Israeli blockade broke the terms of the cease fire agreement by using the Israeli military to enforce the blockade against Gaza.

2) The Israeli military had been in preparation for a Gaza invasion during the cease fire running practice exercises and organising their military offensive (prior to the rocket attacks from Hamas).

3) The Hamas rocket attacks were a response to the Israeli contravention of the cease fire agreement and was not the act responsible for starting the conflict.

To those familiar with much of the content at UK Lockdown 'Who started this conflict ?' may appear to be a pointless question to ask as the official UK Lockdown position on the state of Israel is that it is an illegitimate criminal state, a crimocracy of criminals which was established by criminals, for criminals, and the state has no right to exist, in fact to further clarify the UK Lockdown position on the question of the state of Israel for those who may be unfamiliar, our position is that the criminal state of Israel should be entirely eliminated along with the entire global Jewish crime network that are currently conspiring to dominate the planet politically, financially and militarily to bring about their dream of a Jewish supremacist one world government to subjugate all non-Jewish races.

With that established UK Lockdown places blame for the current conflict entirely on the global Jewish crime network, this includes the Jews that are currently murdering the innocent Palestinians, the Jews in America that have subverted the US government and supply arms to Israel, the Jews that have subverted the western media, school system, churches and other institutions to propagate lies and deception across America, Europe and around the globe, the Jews that use their control of the entertainment industry to propagate filth demoralising our society, the Jews that pretend to sell flying helicopters and other items on mall carts but are actually spies working for Mossad, the Jews that are staging false flag operations across the world most notably the 911 attack, and also the Jews that are not part of the crime network but still choose to provide cover for it by pretending the crime network doesn't exist and then accusing any that challenge the crime network of being prejudiced with full knowledge of what their fellow Jews within the crime network are doing to the global non-Jewish population.

ADL & YouTube at a convenient time

Around the same time the Israeli military decided to introduce the Gaza blockade and begin training preparations for the ground invasion of Gaza, the Anti Defamation League decided to partner with YouTube the biggest video hosting website on the Internet, this was supposedly done to help prevent the circulation of anti-Semitic videos that promote hatred of Jews, although judging by the timing of this in relation to the outbreak of violence in the current conflict, it is hard to imagine this is simply a coincidence.

Similar to other coincidences that involve Jews this appears to be a premeditated and calculated act, for example Zim American a Jewish company part owned by the criminal state of Israel vacated their premises in the World Trade Center breaking the terms of their lease agreement one week before the 911 attack, videos containing information such as that are now likely to be banned on YouTube as it raises questions about Jews which fall directly in line with the ADL's ever expanding definition of anti-Semitism, at the risk of offending the ADL speculation here at UK Lockdown suggests that this ADL YouTube partnership was an attempt by the Jewish crime network to dominate one of the last non Jewish dominated media platforms in order to reduce the possibility of negative Internet coverage of the forthcoming invasion of Gaza.

Western Politicians, Leaders or Zionist Stooges ?

Another curious issue is why western politicians feel it is necessary to refer to the 'conflict' as if it is an even war between the two sides, frequent references to both sides being equally responsible for the conflict are as ridiculous as they are offensive, if Gordon Brown wants to support the extermination of the Palestinian people why is it necessary for Brown and other world mis-leaders to insult our intelligence at the same time, as the British and American governments among others have chosen to adopt a child like stance in the position they have taken perhaps a child's perspective should be taken into account.

A five year old wouldn't have any difficulty distinguishing between world war II type rockets being used by Hamas and 21st century top of the range military hardware being used by the Israelis so how can this issue cause Gordon Brown and others so much difficulty, also if the five year old told such an obvious lie it wouldn't be long before embarrassment forced that child to admit to such a foolish deception, it seems the British government and others not only have no shame but are set to continue defending the indefensible and insulting our intelligence at the same time.

It's important to note that although the British government are generally dishonest and behave like criminals most of the time they appear to become worse when facing issues related to either Israel or Jews, the opposition parties also this problem and have a bad habit of openly displaying their unwavering support for Israel which they enjoy parading as a badge of honour, support for the criminal state of Israel is not in our national interests so why do the political parties see it as being in their best interests, whichever way it is viewed the behaviour of the political parties should be considered suspicious, and all financial and media connections between those parties and Jewish organisation and businesses should be looked upon as having some role to play in their unshakable support for Israel, we should begin to question who the main British political parties are really working for as the state of our society suggests they certainly aren't working for us.

Jew Media Leads Controlled Opposition

The media has from the start been making sure the coverage is carefully controlled so the full level of Jewish committed atrocities don't come to light, as with most conflicts of this nature that involve Jews the true death & injury toll figures will only begin to emerge once the conflict has disappeared from the newspaper headlines and television news, the focus of the media has been carefully planned to only criticize the proportion of Israel's response and to disguise the true facts around this current conflict, as such most of Israels opponents have be duped into following the official line and are now little more than controlled opposition that simply repeat phrases given to them by the Jew controlled media.

Having been successfully tricked most of Israels opponents are choosing only to focus on the narrow opposition of the conflict provided by the Jew controlled opposition groups, a view so narrow it will only see issues related to either the proportionality of the conflict or the concentration camp like conditions of the population in Gaza, both of those are important issues but are minor when put in their correct context, the question of the international network of Jewish criminals that have infiltrated all areas of social and economic influence across the planet which they use to support Israel never even enters the discussion, neither does the question of the Jewish domination of western finance which has been the main lobbying tool of the Zionists in Europe and America and the main reason the western leaders compete with each other to bend over for Israel, the question of the Jewish domination of the media also never enters the discussion even though it should be obvious how this has impacted upon the coverage of this conflict and many other news items concerning Jews, if most of the British and American media was owned by Muslims and the coverage favoured Muslims it would be obvious that there was a cover up going on, however as the lessons of history show us nothing is obvious when it comes to the Jewish question.

The Full Israel Concept

Part of the reason that so many are duped by Jews and their controlled opposition propaganda is that most gentile people have failed to grasp the collective cohesive concept that guides the global Jewry whether they are criminals or not, the Jew is ideologically bound to defend their fellow Jews even when a wrong has been committed by the Jew being defended, this applies especially if the wrong has been done against a gentile, the Jew is also ideologically required to support and assist other Jews even if the actions being supported are criminal actions which adversely affect gentiles, those are only two among many examples of cultural practices that most non-Jews fail to understand, another commonly misunderstood important issue is the Talmudic doctrine that guides Jews, the concept of defending, supporting and assisting others of a kind is practiced by most functional social groups and is a good concept in principle however it is only once the doctrine of the Talmud is introduced to the equation that the threat posed by Jews becomes very clear.

The Talmud is based entirely on supremacy with repeated references to non Jews being evil, filthy, stupid, etc. many parallels are drawn between non-Jews and animals to affirm the supremacy of Jewish people over gentiles, unfortunately it gets worse as the Jews are not only required to adopt a superior attitude over their gentile neighbours they are also encouraged to use their superior status to abuse the gentile population which is also covered by many books within the Talmudic doctrine, these factors are the basis of the 'Israel concept' a concept not generally understood by gentiles, the state of Israel is just a patch of land that the Jewish crime network stole from the Palestinians in 1947 so they could further their global domination agenda utilising the resources of their state, the nation of Israel is not the state of Israel it is the Jewish people themselves and their Talmudic based ideological system, in other words all Jews from their point of view are the nation of Israel based on family lineage, this is not a religious concept it is entirely ideological which is why most Jewish people are not religious, the overtly religious Jews are nothing more than a smokescreen being used to cover for the subversive agenda of their nation as a whole, to clarify this concept even more Jews in Britain only pretend to be British their real nation is Israel, Jews in America only pretend to be American their real nation is Israel, Jews in France only pretend to be French their real nation is Israel, this ideological concept applies to every society Jews inhabit and it is for this reason that Jews have no trouble killing people, repeatedly starting wars, defrauding people, committing treasonous acts and committing many other crimes, as according to their belief system, their way of living and the laws of their nation no crime has been committed, until this concept is understood most people will continue being affected by Jewish crime.


This conflict has given the Jews even more control of Gaza, more control over world media censorship especially on the Internet, more control over their opposition through deceiving opponents of the conflict by giving them a narrow controlled view, more control over western economies as the conflict has provided good cover for the Jew swindlers to continue their sabotaging of the global economy, and most notably this conflict has taken the world a step nearer to a third world war which is exactly what the Jewish crime network needs if they are to create enough chaos to justify establishing a Jew run communist new world order on the planet, the agenda of global Jewish domination will continue to race ahead at full speed until enough courageous citizens are prepared to speak out, stand up, challenge these criminals, arrest them, prosecute them, and execute them all for their heinous crimes against humanity.

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