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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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So is it a recession or a depression? Brown fluffs his lines again

Note: Gordon Brown has told the truth for a change and has finally admitted what has been known since 1995, please watch the money masters film to become more informed on why our country and the western world is facing financial ruin, tell as many people about it as possible, your help is required to spread this information


Daily Mail 5th February 2009

A slip of the tongue put Gordon Brown on the defensive over the economy yesterday.

He told MPs the world was now in a 'depression', a far bleaker assessment of the crisis than the Government has so far acknowledged.

His office later claimed he had meant to say 'recession', but Tories insisted the Prime Minister 'knows something we don't'.

Ministers have avoided any idea that the downturn may match the crisis in the 1930s.

A depression is a sustained economic downturn with high unemployment, a plunge in international trade and personal wealth as well as moves towards protectionism.

A recession is when the economy shrinks for six consecutive months.

It was during Prime Minister's Questions that Mr Brown told MPs: 'We should agree as a world on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of depression.'

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne demanded to know whether his use of the word 'depression' had been deliberate.

'The Prime Minister must clarify whether his statement was a slip of the tongue, or whether he knows something that we don't know.'

Mr Brown's spokesman later said he did not believe the world was in a depression but was in 'a global financial recession'.

It echoes a gaffe by Mr Brown in December when he appeared to suggest the Government had 'saved the world'.

Challenged by David Cameron over his £37billion bailout for the banks, Mr Brown started his reply with: 'We not only saved the world...'

Tory MPs - and many Cabinet ministers - collapsed in gales of laughter.

Mr Brown tried to correct his wording to 'saved the banks', but could not make himself heard above the uproar.

Mr Cameron seized on his slip, saying: 'Well, it's now on the record. He is so busy talking about saving the world, he has forgotten about the businesses of this country.'

The premier's latest apparent gaffe came as a poll showed Labour is heading for a wipeout at the General Election that would give the Tories an overall majority of nearly 70 seats.

A Channel 4 survey of key marginals also found that confidence in Mr Brown is dropping fast, with nearly two out of three voters believing he 'refuses to acknowledge the full depth of the crisis'.

The poll also had bad news for Mr Cameron, with most of those asked believing he 'talks the economy down' and 'risks making things worse'.

It also shows one in three voters fear they could lose their jobs.

Some 29 per cent believe Mr Brown's rescue package will help the economy while 75 per cent believe taxes will have to rise to pay for it.

The YouGov survey put the Tories on 43 per cent, seven points ahead of Labour, a twopoint gain on the last poll in October.

Worryingly for Mr Brown, barely a third (29 per cent) believe his economic rescue package will make a difference, while nearly three quarters believe taxes will have to rise to pay for it.

And just one in three - 34 per cent - believe he is the best man to lead the country through the crisis, down seven points since October.

Voters also appear to favour Mr Cameron over Mr Brown to lead the country after the general election, by 34 per cent to Mr Brown's 27 per cent.

During heated exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Brown told MPs: 'We should agree as a world on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of depression.'

Shadow chancellor George Osborne seized on the words and demanded if his use of the word 'depression' had been deliberate.

'The Prime Minister must personally and urgently clarify whether his statement today that the world is in 'depression' was a slip of the tongue, or whether he knows something that we don't know,' he said.

'For the sake of confidence he should clear up this confusion. Prime Ministers in particular need to be very careful about their use of language to ensure they don't undermine confidence.'

But Mr Brown's spokesman said he had not meant to use the word, and did not believe world was in a depression.

'It was not his intention going into PMQs to describe the current global situation by using that word,' the Prime Minister's spokesman said.

He added: 'The Prime Minister does not believe that we are in a global depression. He clearly thinks this is a very difficult global economic situation, we are certainly in a global financial recession.'

The two leaders exchanged blows over Mr Brown's 2007 pledge to secure 'British jobs for British workers', which fuelled the strike of workers at the Lyndsey refinery in Lincolnshire.

Mr Cameron accused him of irresponsible 'pandering' to protectionists and of 'opportunism'.

He asked: 'Isn't the use of this slogan an error of judgment, a huge mistake, and shouldn't he apologise instead of twisting?'

Mr Brown hit back by accusing Mr Cameron of deliberately 'talking down' the British economy. 'He should be ashamed of himself,' the Prime Minister said.

Defending himself, Mr Brown said: 'Can anybody here say that they don't want British workers to get jobs in our country? Can anyone here say that they don't want us to help British workers get the skills that are necessary to get the jobs?'

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