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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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What Happened To All The Fireworks ?

By UK Lockdown

6th November 2008

Once again we've reached that time of year where it's practically impossible to avoid the excessive noise and mess that we've all come to associate with Bonfire Night, not to forget also all of the dogs and other animals that are clearly terrified of the firework explosions and who let us know it by adding their own contribution to the local noise pollution level.

As far back as it's possible to remember every year without fail this seemingly wasteful and pointless event would take place, the days leading up to the big day were normally noisy, disturbing and irritating but depending on the time of day (or night) it was just about tolerable, on the big day itself however (November 5th) the noise level after dark was always unbearable making life near impossible for normal humans and even worse for animals, although it must be said the that occasional glance out the back window at the fireworks did at times provide a very pleasant sight.

This year it seems as if most of the November 5th enthusiasm has gone and Bonfire night has been almost entirely abandoned, generally as someone who has no interest in these matters the fate of Bonfire Night is of little importance in relation to the important work of saving our country from organised crime and corruption, however looking at this issue from a wider perspective maybe this isn't an isolated issue and deserves more investigation.

Having only heard a few dozen fireworks last night the main question that needs to be asked is what could have caused this abandonment of such a long standing tradition ?
Idiotic or not the practice of exploding poorly made overpriced bits of plastic filled with gunpowder has been going for over 100 years now and dates back to the gunpowder plot of 5th November 1605 where a gang of Catholic terrorists conspired to blow up the British parliament building.
So what is so significant about this particular time that has caused us to discontinue this centuries old practice ?

Many possible answers exist, one could be that after so many years of this practice most of the regular participants have simply gotten bored with the tradition and/or have finally accepted that it is a total waste of time, another more realistic possibility could be that most regular people are still horrified and in shock at the previous days events which saw Barack Obama elected as US president a feeling shared by many, however speculations aside it should be fairly obvious why such large numbers have decided to abandon Bonfire night, with the financial crisis being as bad as it is why would anybody in their right mind pay money to watch their money literally go up in smoke, even in the days where we still had disposable income most sensible people chose not to take part in an obvious plot to trick us into giving our money to the corporate parasites, but with the level things are at now it appears most people are now making the only sensible choice.

Its encouraging to see that many British people are starting to accept the reality of what is happening in our society and are at least doing what is necessary to make steps in the right direction financially, it's a good start but we need to go further if our society is going to be saved from total financial destruction and IMF enslavement.
Choosing not to buy fireworks is a responsible decision given the circumstances we face but there is much more to be done.

The British economy is bankrupt because of the so called war on terror and it is simultaneously being sabotaged by the bankers for personal gain, the European Union are also swindling a large amount of money out of our economy every year, this no coincidence and is part of a coordinated campaign by the Jewish international crime network to remove national sovereignty from nation states in order to create a global communist government, they're also using anti-terror laws and other EU laws to transform Britain into a communist police state in the wake of our total economic destruction as a means of managing us.

If the British people are responsible enough to reject a tradition of watching our money go up in smoke (so-called fireworks) then we should be equally responsible in fighting against organised crime networks like the Zionists who have subverted our democracy, dominate our media, use our military to fight their wars and have also committed many other crimes either against us or in our name. The Zionist gang are only getting away with their crimes because we are allowing them to, our economy shouldn't be in the shape that it is and it wouldn't be if more of us stood up to organised crime and exposed these criminals for what they are.

All of us doing this would end the wars, end the EU, end the corruption and allow us to take back control of our media from those criminals and save our society from being transformed into a bankrupt communist police state, if there are enough people who are sensible enough to reject Bonfire Night then there must be an equal number that are prepared to assist us and other groups like us in the fight against organised crime, corruption and the Zionist snake that is wrapping itself around our throats.

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