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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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Rise in Attacks on British Jews

Jew owned Google up to their usual tricks

UK says no to Euro

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Another Day, Another Retail Chain Collapses, Zavvi Eats Dirt

BBC fined for fraud again

Woolworths' Last Christmas, 30,000 Unemployed

Goldman Sachs swindle us again

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Jews campaign for more asylum seekers

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Crypto-Jew childrens TV actor jailed over child porn

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Britain's Top commercial campaigners for ID cards, Jewish Saatchi and Saatchi agency

British Jew Pervert has 7 wives and 8 children

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Fluoride is detrimental to both physical and mental health and is known to be the root cause of many medical conditions and ailments, Non Fluoride toothpaste is available at most health stores and online and some brands can even be found in various supermarkets.

NHS Hospital Patient is starved to death

Gender Bending Chemicals in Plastic Bottles

Mobile Phones Causing Cancer

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Buying and selling Crossbows and Airguns is not illegal in the UK, after the global economy collapses in 2009/2010 the crime rate will explode, your home will not be safe unless you are prepared to defend it, you have been warned.


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POLICE CORRUPTION IN ENGLAND AND WALES: An assessment of current evidence 2003

UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT Titled - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

Titled - Understanding and preventing police corruption: lessons from the literature 1999

Council bans binmen from cul-de-sacs... because it takes trucks too long to reverse in

Daily Mail 22nd August 2008

A council is refusing to empty rubbish bins inside cul-de-sacs because it takes trucks too long to reverse into them.

Instead, families have been ordered to drag their wheelie bins to the end of the street on collection day.

The decision by Uttlesford District Council in Essex has outraged residents in the six cul-de-sacs which have had their doorstep collections cancelled.


A wheel nightmare: Raymond Kirk stands at the site where he and his fellow residents must take their bins instead of having them collected from outside their homes

They have demanded a cut in council tax  -  and warn that the groups of bins left at the entrance to roads are a safety hazard.

The 200 homes affected were warned of the change in a note left on their bins.

Former policeman Raymond Kirk, 66, of Dunmow, Essex, said residents in his street, some of whom are elderly, now have to drag their bins up to 50 yards to be collected.

He said: 'It's ridiculous. The council makes these announcements and there's nothing you can do.

'The rubbish trucks can easily get down our road, it just takes them a touch longer.

'But it's the council's job to collect our rubbish and our role, as residents, to pay for it.

'We shouldn't have to help them do their job. If we're not getting this service, we should pay less council tax.'

Mr Kirk, whose wife Jill, 67, is blind, added: 'If I was taken ill it would be a nightmare.

'Jill wouldn't be able to drag the bin out on her own.'

Dunmow Conservative councillor John Davey is backing the residents. He said: 'It's highly dangerous to have bins clogging the entrance.

'Driver visibility is reduced and pedestrians are forced into the street. It's an accident waiting to happen.'


Outrage: An Uttlesford District Council bin lorry makes its collections in Dunmow, Essex, where they have been told not to collect bins in cul-de-sacs unless they are left at the end of the street

Penny Sanders, 43, lives at the top of her close and has an unsightly mass of bins left outside her house on collection day.

She said: 'Physically for me it is fine but it means I have a massive bank of wheelie bins on the path outside my house.

'The council tells people to take them back immediately but that isn't always feasible.

'A lot of people who live here work at Heathrow and are away for a few days at a time.'

Russell Clark, Uttlesford's waste and recycling officer, said the number of households in the area had increased from 11,000 to 16,000 within two years.

He said binmen are working an additional two hours a day to cover the increase.

But rather than increase the amount of money spent on waste collection, in line with increased revenue from council tax, Mr Clark said the council is trying to make savings.

He said: 'Creating central collection points reduces the amount of time spent by our operatives trying to manoeuvre either by vehicle or foot into areas that aren't easy to access.

'As the number of houses in our area increases it becomes increasingly difficult to reach them all.

'We would have to increase council tax by about £3 per year to continue to offer a doorstep collection for everyone.'

A Local Government Association spokesman commented: 'It's up to each council how it collects waste and recycling.

'Some towns are full of long housing terraces whereas others have a lot of cul-de-sacs. It's about coming up with the most efficient solution.'

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