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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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Man Arrested for sending out 7/7 DVD's

Gordon Brown Admits UK is in an Economic Depression

Face Scanners in Schools

All Emails to be recorded says EC Directive

Big Brother State goes after 4 Year olds

Western Apocalyspe, New World Order

MI5 say we are all potential terrorists

Poisoned Tap Water

Vermin Infested NHS Hospitals

Boycott Israel

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Rise in Attacks on British Jews

Jew owned Google up to their usual tricks

UK says no to Euro

Jews turn British Goyim into gambling addicts

Another Day, Another Retail Chain Collapses, Zavvi Eats Dirt

BBC fined for fraud again

Woolworths' Last Christmas, 30,000 Unemployed

Goldman Sachs swindle us again

Zionist Watch

Jews campaign for more asylum seekers

Why Do People Hate Israel ?

Ben Bradshaw MP 'Israel has history of bullying BBC'

Just Another Jewish Banking Scam

Trainee Rabbi accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy

Rampant Rabbi Breeds again

Jew Scum Winehouse degrading the Caribbean

Psycho Jews Murder more innocent children

Crypto-Jew childrens TV actor jailed over child porn

Crypto-Jew Jack Straw to Jail Preachers for reading Bible

Britain's Top EU Cheerleader, Crypto-Jew Peter Mandelson

Britain's Top commercial campaigners for ID cards, Jewish Saatchi and Saatchi agency

British Jew Pervert has 7 wives and 8 children

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Fluoride is detrimental to both physical and mental health and is known to be the root cause of many medical conditions and ailments, Non Fluoride toothpaste is available at most health stores and online and some brands can even be found in various supermarkets.

NHS Hospital Patient is starved to death

Gender Bending Chemicals in Plastic Bottles

Mobile Phones Causing Cancer

Overcrowded Hospitals Spreading Diseases

UV Radiation From Energy Saving Bulbs

Defend Your Home

Learn Archery

Buying and selling Crossbows and Airguns is not illegal in the UK, after the global economy collapses in 2009/2010 the crime rate will explode, your home will not be safe unless you are prepared to defend it, you have been warned.


Official Documents

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POLICE CORRUPTION IN ENGLAND AND WALES: An assessment of current evidence 2003

UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT Titled - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

Titled - Understanding and preventing police corruption: lessons from the literature 1999

Could a spy satellite identify any of us from our shadow?

Daily Mail 4th September 2008

Spy satellites could soon be able to identify someone from space by looking at their shadow.

They would use a computer program that searches for the movement of shadows on the ground, and then identifies their owners from the way they walk.

The technique - called gait analysis - relies on the fact that someone's walking style is very difficult to disguise.

The satellite or spy planes will detect the movement of people's shadows to identify them

It could be used to monitor known criminals and suspected terrorists using satellites or spy planes. It could even be used in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

There is however a significant catch. The system, being developed by Nasa, is useless once the sun goes in.

And, although there has been an explosion in satellite imagery and technology in recent years, it is still impossible to recognise someone with confidence using pictures taken in orbit.

Images from high-altitude aircraft and spacecraft show only the tops of their heads.

Experts say aerial shots are no good for monitoring someone's stride length and walking rhythm.

However, that is not true of shadows. According to Dr Adrian Stoica of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, video from space could provide enough data to confirm a suspect's identity - as long as details of the person's walking pattern were on file.

He has created computer software that can seek out and recognise the shadows of individuals in aerial video footage, reports New Scientist magazine.

It isolates moving shadows and uses data on the position of the sun and camera angle to 'correct' the shadows if they are foreshortened or elongated.

Dr Stoica, who presented his research at a security conference in Edinburgh, said the software then applies regular gait analysis to the corrected images.

In tests on video footage taken from the sixth floor of an office building, the software spotted shadows and extracted information that could be used to identify someone.

The technique is still at the earliest stages of development, and it could be many years before it is used by military, police and intelligence services.

It also has potential flaws. While satellite gait analysis might be useful in countries such as Pakistan and Iraq, trying to identify a suspected terrorist from a shadow in a rainy Manchester is likely to be fraught with difficulties.

The quality of satellite imagery may also not be good enough to reveal a sharp image.

Space imaging expert Dr Bhupendra Jasani at King's College London says the sort of geostationary satellites currently pointing their cameras down to the Earth simply do not have the resolution to provide useful detail.

'I find it hard to believe they could apply this technique from space,' he said.

Aerial surveillance - a key tactic in military spying

Minor differences in gait that can help identify individuals include the length of steps, walking speed, the wiggle of hips and the angles of the knee, ankle and hip.

Aerial surveillance has long been a key part of military spying - ever since 19th century armies began using hot air balloons to observe enemy positions on the battlefield - but in recent years the speed of technological advance has accelerated.

As well as orbiting satellites, spy planes such as the RAF's Nimrod can circle at high altitude watching the movements of individual enemy gunmen on the ground, by day or night, using high definition thermal cameras.

At the same time unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs - ranging from huge jets the size of an airliner to tiny hand-launched drones a couple of feet across - are now widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan, where commanders on the ground increasingly rely on the images beamed from flying cameras to allow them to track approaching enemies or spot dangers in hostile built-up areas.

UK Lockdown point of view
The Military industrial complex is now resorting to spying on our shadows as a means of controlling and regulating our lives, is there no limit to the evil of the psychopathic criminals that control this planet as they continue to use the terror hoax to herd us the sheep into their global police state; apparently they have difficulties with the technology when it's cloudy, if were lucky they might have to stop chemtrailing us once in a while so they can search for terrorists.

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