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Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross, Useful Idiots ?

By UK Lockdown

31st October 2008

Ross & Brand

For about two weeks now the British media has been fixated on the topic of The Russell Brand Show aired on the 18th October 2008 in which a prank phone call was made to Andrew Sachs where offensive statements were made in reference to his granddaughter Georgina Baillie, like most of the irrelevant information in the entertainment/showbiz media this topic is a very obvious plot to divert our attention away from more important matters such as the ongoing wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the high level government corruption, the collapse of the economic system, the rise in unemployment, etc.; however upon reading about another recent story on Goldman Sachs paying their top employees 7bn after receiving 6bn from the taxpayers, the coincidence of the Jewish name Sachs meant that maybe the Andrew Sachs story wasn't just a distraction and deserved more investigation

Andrew Sachs

After two weeks of dismissing the Brand/Ross saga as diversionary propaganda it seemed that this story deserved to be given a closer look. Not knowing that much about the background of Sachs other than his appearance in Faulty Towers as 'Manuel' a quick wikipedia search uncovered that unsurprisingly Andrew Sachs, real name Andreas Siegfried Sachs born on 7 April 1930 is the German born son of a Jewish insurance broker, it now made sense why this issue had been given so much coverage across most of the British media, as the majority of the British media is in the hands of people such as Sir Michael Grade, Sir Jeremy Isaacs, David Elstein, Alan Yentob, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond and many other Zionist Jews, the fact that Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand may have offended the Jews that control most of the British media is apparently not as important as what seems to be happening across the BBC at the moment.

Georgina Baillie (a member of Burlesque dance group Satanic Sluts)

The episode of The Russell Brand Show in question was recorded on 16th October 2008 and was later aired on 18th October 2008, within 7 days of being aired the BBC were pressured to apologise to Sachs on 25 October 2008, subsequently four days later on 29th October 2008 Ross & Brand were temporarily suspended from all TV & Radio at the BBC, alongside this on-air standards and practices are now under review across the entire BBC as part of an internal investigation, this has forced Russell Brand to resign while Ross is currently under 12 week suspension, as of 30th October 2008 Lesley Douglas controller of BBC Radio 2 has also been forced to resign, and as if all of that wasn't bad enough it seems the campaign looks set to continue with Ofcom the television standards regulator now launching their own investigation into the matter.

Lesley Douglas

None of these events including the abnormal level of publicity given to the affair by the Jew controlled British media appear to be unfamiliar, in fact within the last few years it has happened on a number of occasions, for example, in response to a misrepresentation of the Queen during a BBC advertisement/promotion in 2007 top BBC executive Peter Fincham was similarly forced to resign, and back in 2004 Greg Dyke stepped down as BBC director general in the wake of the Hutton inquiry and the scandal around Dr David Kelly.

It appears that since Mark Thompson has taken over as BBC director general the overall attack against the BBC by the other Jewish media has been intensified; with its endless promotion of communism/socialism, political correctness and other general pro-government propaganda it should already be obvious that Zionist agents are already in control of the majority of the BBC, however it seems that even though the BBC is already in the hands of the Zionist Jews that the Zionists appear to be trying to get even more control of the BBC than they have already.

Its possible that the entire Ross & Brand affair is being used as a smokescreen to allow the internal investigation and Ofcom to remove several top executives so they can be replaced with either more Zionist Jews or non Jews who have been compromised and are being blackmailed by the Jewish crime network, it seems Mark Thompson and others may not have long left, or it could just be a warning shot by the Zionists to remind them who their real bosses are, whichever way it works out it looks as if the criminals are set to get an even stronger foothold at the BBC than they have right now.

To those unfamiliar with the practices of organised crime gangs this may sound slightly far fetched or maybe even completely insane however gangs such as the Yakuza in Japan, the Mafia in Sicily & America, the Triads in Hong Kong are all highly skilled and experienced in subverting other organisations for their own purposes.
The Zionists are a gang who operate in a similar fashion using murder, extortion, slavery, blackmail, kidnapping, robbery, bribery and many other crimes, only unlike other gangs that operate at a localised level, the Zionists have a highly advanced international crime network that has penetrated most countries across the planet. Through their near complete control of the banking system they have acquired unlimited funding allowing them to buy off, bribe or eliminate their opponents especially in the media, infiltration of media has also been a major means of controlling their opponents, operation mockingbird highlights a very good example of that strategy being put into action.

Many incidents have occurred where the British public would have every right to be outraged for example, the suggestion that five year old children be taught about sex, the fact that rats and cockroaches are infesting NHS hospitals, radio talk show hosts such Jon Gaunt of Talk Sport & Nick Ferrari of LBC defending the murder of innocent children in Iraq & Afghanistan and other Zionist crimes; but instead 30,000 people decided to complain about a bad joke by Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross, what are the chances that 30,000 British people individually all chose to complain about this single issue or is it more likely that this was an organised campaign by a special interest group like give Israel you support or the Jewish Internet defence force who are well known to be active in hijacking media to further the aims of the Zionist crime network.

Its also important to further analyze the contribution of people such as Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross, what good have they ever done for our society ?, like many other people in the entertainment industry they simply provide light relief from the pressures most of us have to face every day and provide us with a comfort zone that stops us from complaining about everything that is going wrong around us, in doing so they are are actively assisting the Zionist crime network by encouraging British citizens to bury our heads in the sand while the problems in our society continue get worse.

Its unlikely that Brand or Ross are members of the Zionist crime network as they seem to fit the profile of useful idiots who are simply being used as front people to deceive the British population, Brand is a total degenerate and is probably being blackmailed by the Zionists due to his past involvement with drugs and other bizarre practises, its likely he was sent as an agent provocateur to sabotage the BBC in order to allow the Zionist to either dislodge top executives or act as a warning shot, recent comments by Paul Gambaccini of BBC Radio 2 suggesting that hiring Brand was a mistake alongside the fact that the whole affair seems to have benefited Brand with his popularity now higher than ever appear to point in that direction, whatever the case neither Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross ever did a thing to fight organised crime, corruption or expose Zionism and the detrimental effect it is having on our society so they are no loss, in fact the only losses in this situation are on the side of the Zionist Jews, by using the same tricks again and again they are becoming increasingly predictable and even easier to expose.

1 comment:

Sensible Sidney said...

Excellent article,and you can bet the whole thing was deliberately orchestrated.

Saw pics of Rachel Johnson (sister of Boris) another rabid zionist hob-knobbing with the likes of 'Georgina Baillie'- c'mon dots, join......


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