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"England is no longer controlled by Britons, we are under the invisible Jewish dictatorship, a dictatorship that can be felt in every sphere of life" - Nesta Helen Webster (1876 - 1960)

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Key News Stories

Man Arrested for sending out 7/7 DVD's

Gordon Brown Admits UK is in an Economic Depression

Face Scanners in Schools

All Emails to be recorded says EC Directive

Big Brother State goes after 4 Year olds

Western Apocalyspe, New World Order

MI5 say we are all potential terrorists

Poisoned Tap Water

Vermin Infested NHS Hospitals

Boycott Israel

Recent News

Rise in Attacks on British Jews

Jew owned Google up to their usual tricks

UK says no to Euro

Jews turn British Goyim into gambling addicts

Another Day, Another Retail Chain Collapses, Zavvi Eats Dirt

BBC fined for fraud again

Woolworths' Last Christmas, 30,000 Unemployed

Goldman Sachs swindle us again

Zionist Watch

Jews campaign for more asylum seekers

Why Do People Hate Israel ?

Ben Bradshaw MP 'Israel has history of bullying BBC'

Just Another Jewish Banking Scam

Trainee Rabbi accused of sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy

Rampant Rabbi Breeds again

Jew Scum Winehouse degrading the Caribbean

Psycho Jews Murder more innocent children

Crypto-Jew childrens TV actor jailed over child porn

Crypto-Jew Jack Straw to Jail Preachers for reading Bible

Britain's Top EU Cheerleader, Crypto-Jew Peter Mandelson

Britain's Top commercial campaigners for ID cards, Jewish Saatchi and Saatchi agency

British Jew Pervert has 7 wives and 8 children

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Health Info

Fluoride is detrimental to both physical and mental health and is known to be the root cause of many medical conditions and ailments, Non Fluoride toothpaste is available at most health stores and online and some brands can even be found in various supermarkets.

NHS Hospital Patient is starved to death

Gender Bending Chemicals in Plastic Bottles

Mobile Phones Causing Cancer

Overcrowded Hospitals Spreading Diseases

UV Radiation From Energy Saving Bulbs

Defend Your Home

Learn Archery

Buying and selling Crossbows and Airguns is not illegal in the UK, after the global economy collapses in 2009/2010 the crime rate will explode, your home will not be safe unless you are prepared to defend it, you have been warned.


Official Documents

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POLICE CORRUPTION IN ENGLAND AND WALES: An assessment of current evidence 2003

UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT Titled - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036

Titled - Understanding and preventing police corruption: lessons from the literature 1999

EU Timeline

Note: The EU has gone a long way since Jew Winston Churchill suggested the idea in 1946, contrary to popular opinion the EU is not for the benefit of European citizens, the EU is for centralization of power and standardisation of cultures for the convenience of the Jewish financiers and think tanks that established the idea in the first place, this situation occurred once before in recent history when the Jews established the Soviet Union, we cannot allow them to do this again the EU has gone a long way but it can be stopped.

European Union Integration - Key timeline history

From early beginnings in 1946, at the close of the second seriously devastating war Europe had experienced in thirty years, western Europe embarked on a course of closer economic and political integration in large part with the intention of making future conflict less likely.

There were many particularly significant steps in this process.

On 19 September 1946 Winston Churchill, speaking in Zurich, called for the formation of an United States of Europe.

On 18 April 1951 Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed a Treaty of Paris establishing the European Coal and Steel Community. Such an ECSC had been sponsored by the French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in May 1950.

By 1953 there was a common market formally established in Europe for coal, iron ore and scrap iron (February) and for steel (May).

On 25 March 1957 "The Six" original contracting parties to the European Coal and Steel Community, Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed treaties (Treaty of Rome) setting up a European Economic Community (EEC) and agreeing a Euratom Comission. The Treaty of Rome is set to come into effect from 1 January 1958.

In January 1962 the EEC adopted regulations providing for a common market in agriculture, for financial regulation and for governing competition.

In April 1965 The ECSC, the EEC and Euratom were all brought under a single Executive Authority.

By 1 July 1968 "The Six" had completed a Customs Union applying a common external tariff on imports.

Also in July 1968 a common labour market established through guarantees of free movement of labour.

In early December 1969 the European Community (EC), as the former EEC was now known, agreed to work towards greater integration of a single EC market. An eventual Monetary Union was envisioned as was the admission of new member states. It was agreed to open negotiations with Denmark, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom with the view of facilitating such admission or accession.

On 24 April 1972 a currency 'snake' was set-up whereby The Six agreed to limit the margin of fluctuation between their currencies to 2.25%.

On 1 January 1973 the EC was formally enlarged to nine members with the admission of Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

On 1 July 1977 Customs duties between the nine EC members were completely abolished.

In July 1978 European Council meeting held at Bremen approved a plan to set up a European Monetary System (EMS).

In June 1979 elections to a European Parliament by direct universal suffrage held, for the first time, in the nine Member States.

Greece was admitted as the tenth Member State of the EC on 1 January 1981.

On 1 January 1986 Spain and Portugal joined the European Community bringing its membership to twelve.

Towards the end of the 1980's Communism, and with it the Soviet Union, lost hold on the allegiances of much of Eastern Europe. A treaty of 3 October 1990 between the Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic (a former Soviet satellite) entered into force unifying Germany. Five new former east German Länder are admitted as part of EC.

On 7 February 1992 a Maastricht Treaty on European Union was signed.

On 1 November 1993 Treaty on European Union entered into force. The EC now became the EU.

Austria, Finland and Sweden joined the EU on 1 January 1995 .

In December 1995 the European Council meeting in Madrid decided on "The Euro" as the name for the future European single currency. From 2002 the Euro is to be legal tender for members states involved in European Monetary Union (EMU).

In March 1998 a Conference of the EU Member States together with eleven applicant countries for EU membership took place in London.

EU accession negotiations with Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Slovenia opened on 31 March 1998.

On 1 June 1998 a European Central Bank opened in Frankfurt.

In December 1999 a European Council held in Helsinki decides to open accession negotiations with Romania, the Slovak Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Malta. It also recognised Turkey as a candidate country.

On 1 January 2002 Euro notes and coins entered into circulation as legal tender in the twelve Member States who were fully participating in the Euro project. In March 2002 a "dual circulation period" ended leaving the Euro as the sole legal tender in the participating member states.

On 1 May 2004 the Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia joined the European Union.

On 3 Oct 2005 European Union accession negotiations opened with Croatia and Turkey.

On 1 January 2007 Lisbon Treaty signed Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU increasing the number of Member States to twenty seven.

Slovenia became the thirteenth country to adopt the Euro.

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